Niebla (fog) | Short film | México - Spain | 2006.

"Just as in the magic realism novel One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabrial García Márquez, the exact setting of Fog is uncertain - some place of rural Latin America - and the narrator of the story is El Pep, an old man that is interviewed in a room of his house by documentary crew about the mysterious fog in the title and the following visit by weird flock of flying sheep. “The character is based on my grandma” says Ramos. “She was a very complex person, with a lot of frustrations in life. She was born during the Mexican revolution, so she lived the lack of material possessions all throughout her life. But she was also very kind and loving with her family (well…, most of the time). She was a combination of marked strengths and weaknesses. At the end of her life she suffered from dementia. ‘My mind is abandoning me’ she used to say in anguish when she noticed. The only moments in which we could communicate with her was when we asked about her past life. Those were the last memories to vanish.” Critic by Taylor Jessen, Animation World Network.