(In pre-production)

Feature film based on the book Too loud a Solitude by Bohumil Hrabal.

From Mexico, a powerful story about censorship and freedom of expression. Hanta, is a feature length animated project in production. It is supported by Ibermedia Development, selected by Animación! Ventana Sur 2021, Annecy MIFA-pitches 2021, and it was a part of the Annecy’s Residence in 2022. Hanta is a powerful story about the power of ideas and how they are resistant to the harshest oppression.

Get to know our film, its protagonists, their secrets and eventually start a fruitful collaboration. We are looking for: Distributor(s), Producer(s)/co producer(s), developer(s), composer(s), investor(s), sales agent(s), technical partner(s)

Sinopsis: In 1968, the writer Bohumil was censored when he was at the peak of his career. To save himself, he pretends to obey the current government while he secretly writes a novel starring Hanta, an old presser of censored books. The reality of Bohumil and the fiction of Hanta cross paths in the middle of a dangerous context for both of them, from which they will only manage to free themselves off through death.


Hanta is a work in progress, we invite you to get to know the project and be part of our community community of sponsors by clicking here.